Designated Short-Cut Field

We do indeed have a beautiful field at MRCA.
But there are one or two things that would make this an even better field.
As the hobby has changed over the last few years More and more people are flying electric models.
Many of these models have small landing gear and do not fare well in the tall and thick grass for both landing and take off.
15 years ago nearly everybody was flying a .60 sized trainer of bigger and the grass height didn’t really make that much of a difference
(though even 2 1/2 inch wheels got bogged down where the grass was thick)

I feel that it is important for the club to move forward to accommodate this trend by allowing for a designated short-cut field
to allow the smaller planes an easier runway.

Important Notes!!!

1. This is in no way meant to reflect poorly on John Chie’s care of the field. He does a great job and it is very much appreciated!

2. This in not meant to create more work for John. This designated space can easily be maintained by those members who
wish to maintain this section of field with a hand mower…of which I can volunteer a couple!

3.Reaction’s about this in the past were possibly as much to do with bypassing proper procedure so This is my attempt at creating the procedure.
It is nearly impossible to get large turn-outs to meetings consistently and there is no reason we can’t use technology like e-mails and facebook
to have discussions about issues at the field or for that matter to vote on important matters.

There are some benefits to having a visibly designated runway for small models.
one of them being it gives you a target to aim for on landing that helps train you to be a better pilot
as well as being completely forgiving should you over-shoot the runway.

Suggested size of this designated runway is 20 ft wide by 100 ft long.
The runway could be marked out with white line similar to a baseball field.
( this could also be useful for main runway as well.  )
A perimeter angle cut with a hand Mower could feather the transition.

Possible Placement of the designated runway to be discussed upon response to this initial query.

So please do me a favor by responding Yay or Nay to this proposed proposal via email to
gosh, its as easy as hitting reply and typing three letters!

Thanks for your time.